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The Atelier

EDITH VAL’s pieces are individually designed and perfected by our team, using the finest fabrics and imported laces. Personal fittings and meticulous consultations are an essential part of EDITH VAL experience. EDITH VAL is known for creating beautifully custom-made dresses for strong, confident women. It was founded in 2016 by Oana Fîrțigu. Each piece is carefully designed and hand-crafted by Oana Fîrțigu and EDITH VAL team in our main studio, located in Iasi, Romania. Soft tulle, delicate silk, romantic lace and sparkling Swarovski Crystals are the essence of EDITH VAL’S custom-made dresses.

We develop new creative ways to use lace hand-sew application techniques, so we can bring out symmetry. With the help of pearls, crystals and intricate bead patterns we create depth and contrast on each design. Carefully crafted pieces with ornate beading, delicate silk and flawless embroidered are just some of the details that our gowns embody in our collection. Each pleat and every single element form our draped dresses needs to be meticulously thought out through many iterations.

The label

EDITH VAL’s Stag is a symbol of Oana’s family and her place of birth, Tarcău village, situated in Neamț county, in Romania - a truly beautiful place, surrounded by mountains, enchanted forests, home of many myths and folk legends.

EDITH VAL’s Stag stays strong as a tribute to her grandfather, the man who inspired and encouraged Oana to start chasing her dream and transform it into reality, by designing and creating custom made dresses. The exact shape of the antlers found in the EDITH VAL Showroom were meticulously incorporated in the logo.


Persoana de contact: Oana Firtigu

Tel: 0747 920 998 .